Why is UV a Green Technology?

Ultraviolet (UV) technology is a greener and more environmentally sustainable alternative to other commonplace disinfection systems. UV systems use solely UV lights produced by lamps to disinfect and sanitize air, water, and nonporous surfaces. Compared to other disinfection solutions that involve chemical cleaning solutions, single-use supplies, etc., UV technology produces no single-use waste and releases no additional chemicals to the environment, therefore can be reliably reused as a long-term solution for disinfecting needs at commercial, healthcare, and home settings. 

UV systems are also reliable solutions to disinfecting masks, personal protective equipment (PPE), etc. that become waste after one single use due to lack of reliable methods to sanitize them. With the use of UV disinfection technology, we can effectively reduce or eliminate single-use waste on the user-level as well. 

At BeaconUV, we are dedicated to supplying high quality UV technology equipment in order to minimize waste and disposal for OEMs and engineers throughout North America.